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    June 28, 2010

    Inside Fort Lauderdale

    Critic's Review

    Giorgio’s is a small place in a little strip of buildings on a part of E 17th street that’s easily missed. It looks like a little pizza joint, but its really much more than that.

    With the word Fuhgeddaboutit on their awning, its clear that there’s a bunch of Italian guys running this place. Inside, its a bit cramped; because Giorgio’s is so many things as once. It always seems to be crowded here; even at 3pm on a Monday more than half of the tables are full. They have 7 tables outside as well, but you probably don’t want to sit out there during the day in the Summer months.

    Giorgio’s is a restaurant, first and foremost. Its also a take out place. And a pizza place. Its also a market of sorts; you can buy sauce, or chicken cutlets milanese. They have a fairly extensive menu, and the food is really good.

  • Giorgio's Reviews

    September 23, 2010

    One of my favorite places to grab a quick meal with a glass of wine in Fort Lauderdale.

    You can get great food and a bottle of wine for a very reasonable price.

    Pizza's are awesome for take out.. I also hear they do quite a catering job.

    The place is a little small so you might have a tough time getting in there at peak times.

  • Giorgio's get 4.5 stars!

    October 25, 2010

    Sun Sentinel

    The intimate Giorgio's has carved its niche among eateries located near Port Everglades by serving fine Northern Italian pizzas, pastas and seafood specials at less than upscale prices. The pizzas are baked in a brick oven and prepared with a thin crust. The pasta are appropriately al dente and tossed with quality ingredients. Service is friendly and efficient, the wine list not overly expensive, and the atmosphere casually chic. Giorgio's also has a small glass case filled with take-out options, including house-made pasta sauces.

  • Best Inexpensive Gourmet Eats

    May 25, 2010

    South Florida Sun Sentinel

    The term casual gourmet has become a cliché thanks to franchise restaurants, but it's a tag line that has a ring of truth at Giorgio's 17th Street. The 24-seat room is small, but the menu is ample. And the prices are as kind to the wallet as the food is to the stomach. Garden-fresh ingredients like ripe tomatoes, roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts, plus an assortment of herbs, cheeses and meats are found in the delicious hot and cold sandwiches, entrée-size salads, thin-crusted pizzas, more than a dozen pastas and a medley of entrées. Most items cost less than $15 apiece, but everything is prepared with the care of a gourmet kitchen. Giorgio's is especially adept with the pastas, including the not-too-heavy rigatoni served with asparagus and sweet peppers, or the more-filling Bolognese sauce or three-cheese lasagna. Be sure to check out the neat selection of wines and the house-made desserts, especially the tiramisu and chocolate cake. The service is familiar and easygoing and outdoor seating is available.

1499 SE 17th Street Causeway
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 phone: 954-767-8300 fax: 954-767-0031
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